Bath wipes to clean your dog grooming bath

My clothes are so wet, they weigh more than me. I cannot stand up without the very real danger of immediately landing right back on my already sore tailbone, because there is not an inch of floor that is not covered in soapy water. The walls, and yes, even the ceiling, are cascading muddy water. The still soapy dog somehow escaped knots that would have held Houdini, and is now cleaning himself on my beige couch. The funniest part of this situation is that I would actually consider this a successful bath experience!

Let's be honest. Grooming your dog is not high on your list of fun activities. Giving your dog a bath usually ends up giving you a headache, body aches, and a destroyed house. You end up needing a bath yourself' with a bottle of wine, candles, and soft music' to recover from the traumatic experience.

Pst' come closer. I have a secret to tell. I can tell you how you can clean your dog without giving him a bath. I can tell you how to groom your dog and have him actually enjoy it. Imagine giving your dog a bath without your entire house getting soaked. Are you intrigued?

For under $10, you can buy a tub of dog bath wipes. Bath wipes are heaven sent! Bath wipes simplified my life and gave me permission remodel my bathroom and buy a new couch, knowing that I no longer had to worry about my dog destroying anything when I gave him a bath.

With bath wipes, I can groom my dog whenever I want. I just keep a tub of bath wipes next to my new couch. Whenever he needs a bath, evening TV time is now combined with dog grooming. I pull out a few bath wipes, and my dog gets to enjoy all the petting he can endure.

The best part is, I don't even have to do it myself. The kids think giving the dog a bath with bath wipes is pretty cool. I can hand each of them a bath wipe. While I'm curled up on my new couch sipping tea and watching a movie, the kids and the dog are at my feet having a great time. The kids love giving the dog a bath with the bath wipes, the dog enjoys the attention, and I enjoy the peace.