Booster Bath Ramp

It sometimes is very difficult to get an animal into water especially if he or she is a large unruly puppy. There are other ways but they tend to be back breaking and difficult to use. You should risk your back when you can just walk your dog up the Booster Bath Ramp.

The Booster Bath Ramp is a great way to get your dog into the bath when he is difficult, you can't lift him, or he is older. It features a no slip easy to walk up ramp that can be moved to where you want it. If you have ever had a hard time getting your dog into the bath you need this product, especially if your dog has a hard time entering or exiting higher places.

The Booster Bath Ramp is easy to install, has a no slip surface, and installs quickly to most baths. It works great for cars, beds, and sofas. There are a lot more uses for this product and because it has no slip feet it can be used safely in most of them. It will take the fear of being dropped away as well as the back strain most pet owners have experienced at one point or another.

Your dog can simply be walked up the Booster Bath Ramp until they have had time to get used to it. Then most dogs will walk up it by themselves. It has very sturdy construction with four bumpers, a no slip surface, and weighs only six pounds. It is made from 1/4 inch thick UV stabilized virgin polyethylene. This light weight plastic is extremely durable and long lasting. Furthermore it won't scratch or show a lot of wear unlike some other products.

The booster bath ramp is made by Paws for Thought and works with many of their other products. It also comes in a groomer version and works with the original Booster Bath. There are many ramps on the market but not one with this durability. The people at Paws for Thought have equaled the other ramps out there and the Booster Bath Ramp has the same warranty as their other products.