Dog grooming bath

There are many options for the dog lover these days when it comes to grooming. Some choose to take their pets to a licensed dog groomer, either at their favorite pet supply store, or to an up-scale pet salon. This can be both pricey and stressful to the dog. Salons charge up to $150 just to give a dog a bath and then there are extra charges for nail clipping, hair trimming, and ear cleaning. Other dog lovers choose to go simple and just to bathe their dogs outside with a hose. This may seem good in theory but can be cold for the dog and getting them to stand still while you bathe them is nearly impossible. Same goes for bathing dogs in a bathroom. It's hard to keep them still and can make a horrible mess. There is one more option, one that is affordable and can work for all dog lovers; a dog grooming bath.

A dog grooming bath can be purchased online for a one-time cost of about $175. If a dog lover usually takes their pet to the groomer, this will pay for itself after just 2 uses! There are different types of baths but most are made of plastic, can be used indoors or out, have a place for a hose to hook in, and have a ramp to allow larger dogs to get in with ease.

To use a dog grooming bath, the dog gets into the bath which is about 3-feet high and the owner can then hook the dog into the bath using a small lead leash.'some baths include the leash' This allows the owner to focus on the grooming process, and not on holding their dog still. A standard hose is used through an opening in the bath to wet the dog thoroughly. Most baths have shelving for towels, shampoo and soaps. After the bath is done, the dog can remain in the bath to be blow-dried if this is chosen 'Blow-driers are sold separately.' After the bath is complete and the dog has gotten out of the dog grooming bath, a dog lover can then clean up easy using their hose.

Dogs are truly 'man's best friend.' So every decision people make about their dogs is important. A dog grooming bath is a great choice for any dog lover!