Petlift Mini Bath Tub

The bath tub is an important accessory that can't be missed if you have a pet. There are many kinds of bath tubs but the Petlift Mini Bath Tub is one-of-a-kind. While using this bath tub you need not bend to wash the pet. The height of the Petlift Mini Bath Tub is 57 inches. This height makes it convenient for you to give a bath to your pet without much stress. This bath tub can be used to give bath to small dogs, cats and other pets too. The dimension of the Petlift Mini Bath Tub is 32 x 27 x 57 inches.

The conventional bath tubs for the pets are usually made of different plastics and hence the durability of such products is a question. The Petlift Mini Bath Tub is completely made of 16 gauge stainless steel and hence it much more durable than the other products in the market. Check out the consumers if you have access to them to find out how this product is useful to them. Since the Petlift Mini Bath Tub is made of stainless steel it is costlier than the other bath tubs you see in the market.

You might place the bath tub outside your house on the ground. It is not necessary that the ground should be without any ups and downs to place the Petlift Mini Bath Tub. You can place it on any rough surface and still have it stand still without any movements. The legs of the Petlift Mini Bath Tub can be adjusted with the screws available to make each of the legs of different size so that it stands still in any surface. You can't see this feature in any other bath tub product available in the market.

It is not sure that all the people would be using the right hand or the left hand to hold the nozzle to spray water on the pet to give bath. Some people might be using their left hand to hold the nozzle and use the right hand to wash the pet while some might be at ease with their right hand to hold the nozzle. That is why you are given the choice of placement of the plumbing works either on the left or the right. You can give your options while you order the Petlift Mini Bath Tub.

Another specialty of the Petlift Mini Bath Tub is that is made to the order placed. You can't just enter a store and purchase it unless some other customer has not taken the piece. Hence the delivery time for the Petlift Mini Bath Tub would be around one and a half month. The pricing of the Petlift Mini Bath Tub is around $1400 and it varies from stores to stores and also depends on the options that you request while you order the product. Since this product is shipped with freight carrier the shipping charges might also be substantial. You can contact the customer support about the freight charges before the product is dispatched to you.