Petmate Rub-a-Dub Pet Tub

Dog grooming bathtubs are a must-have accessory for those who have small pets. You may not know when you need to give your pet a bath all by yourself. You cannot always depend on the professional grooming services. During an emergency situation you might need to give your pet the needed bath. For that you need to have all the accessories with you. The dog grooming bathtub is one such accessory that you should have. With the dog grooming bathtub the experience of giving a bath to a dog will be enjoyable.

Dog grooming bathtubs comes in various sizes. While purchasing a dog grooming bathtub you have to ensure whether the dog grooming bathtub is of the required size for your pet. You should also consider the growth of your pet so that the same bathtub can be used after several years too. Some of the local brand bathtubs might be slippery for your dogs. Make sure that the grooming bath tub has non-slip mat in it. Most of the grooming bathtubs come with caddies that can be used to store the shampoos, soaps, brushes, and clippers in them. This allows you to reach to those accessories easily when bathing your dog.

Some of the high-end bathtubs come with provision for connecting the pipeline in them. This enables you to input a pipeline so that you can shower the pet easily. Proper drain outlets for the washed water is also available so that the waste water is drained properly without creating any mess. Such bathtubs called the Booster bath are lightweight, with proper height and easily portable too. They come with non-slip mat which is durable and comfortable for your pets. Such mats also reduce the stress for you while giving bath to your pets.

The drain pipe that comes with this product allows you to drain water in one area while you wash your pet in another area. The drainage system should be in such a way that the hairs that are lost during the bath are also drained properly instead of clogging the drain. The size of the drain should be sufficient to drain the hairs too. Otherwise you will be digging the drain to remove the hairs filtered by it.

Rubber grips are available on the base of the legs so that the bath tub itself does not move when the dog enters or exits the bath tub. These bath tubs can be used by even dog show enthusiasts. A good bath tub for the dogs is usually approved by the breeders and the veterinarians. Before you buy any grooming bath tubs make sure it is approved by them.

There are many types of dog grooming bathtubs available in the market. Some of the popular models are Pup-Tub by Pet Gear, Mini bathtub from Petlift, Paws for Thought Booster Bathtub, and Petmate's Rub-a-Dub Pet Tub. You can also find similar products in the market that can be compared to the features of these products with competitive pricing. You can purchase these products online too. There are many websites that sell Dog grooming bathtubs. Discount coupons are also given for online purchases from these websites.