Portable Dog bath

Tired of all the hair in your drain and scratches on you and in your bath tub? Tired of chasing your dog down outside with a hose and cold water? Then this dog bath tub is for you.

I have 2 beagles and getting them into a bath tub was always a chore.

The Portable dog bath is great to take on vacations because it is lightweight and folds up and requires little space.

We go camping pretty often and trying to give my dog a bath in my bath tub in the camper was a chore and one day while walking I seen a fellow camper using a Portable dog bath and I knew at that time that I had to have one.

We also travel a lot and the and take as little as possible with us and the Portable bath tub folds up so small and takes up very little space and that leaves more room for our luggage.

I have recommended this product to many friends and everyone has been very pleased on how easy it is to use and are now recommending it to everyone they know.

We use to argue over who was going to give the dogs a bath but now with the Portable dog bath, I can even get my kids to volunteer to do bath time.

Now when my dogs see me getting the dog shampoo ready for their bath it is not a fight anymore, they actually look forward to it

Give it a try and you will see how much easier it makes life for you and your dogs.

The portable dog bath has a non slip surface and is very strong and durable.

After your done giving your dog a bath you can just simply take a hose and spray out the dog bath tub. That sure is a lot easier then cleaning your bath tub and drains.

You wont be disappointed in this product and I guarantee there is no other like it on the market so give your self a little piece of mind and make this one thing in life a little easier.