Soggy Dog Towels

This may be my best pet purchase ever. I have two for my two dogs, one golden retriever and one doberman. They both get pretty wet, because the golden has so much fur and the doberman seems to stay damp forever. It's good for any dog owner, either to dry off a pet after the rain or because you wash your dog at home and don't want to ruin the bathroom getting totally soaked. The largest Soggy Dog Towel is sort of bone shaped with a pocket for your hand in each corner. You lay the towel on top of your dog with the absorbent side down and slide your hands into the pockets. Then you rub like crazy. When the first two pockets get dirty, flip the towel around and use the other two. For a really messy dog, you can turn the pockets inside out and go again. The Soggy Dog Towel is made of thick, durable cotton and it's wonderfully absorbent. I can get my golden almost completely dry and keep her from trying to wipe herself down on the rug, or the new sofa, or even the wall if that's what is handy for her. The company lists it as being machine-washable and preshrunk and they must be right because I've never had any trouble throwing them in the washing machine. The pockets designed into the Soggy Dog Towel are supposed to help you hold on if you've got the sort of dog who wants to get away when it's being dried off. The pockets also protect your hands, keeping them safe from greasy unwashed fur and that wet dog smell. I am use them to stroke just inside the opening of my doberman's ears 'she's crazy for that' without getting wax all over my hands. It's also great for drying their paws. You just put their paw in your palm, hand in the pocket of course, and squeeze and rub a little until it's dry. Dry every bit of your dog quickly and effectively. The Soggy Dog Towel is sold in a tote bag and is a perfect gift for other dog lovers.